Blog types and when to use them

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Written By Samuel Laurie

There are many different types of blogs, each with their own personalities and uses. It’s important to use a variety of blog formats to keep your readers engaged, besides, writing in different styles is great for keeping those writing muscles fit!


Listicles can be an easy way to get information to your audience. Listicles lend themselves to almost any topic. Social media is a great place for listicles as they make for fun, catchy headlines and generally make for quick light-reads. Listicles are great for blogs with a series of images due to the relaxed and spaced formatting. Comparing and reviewing produces and techniques in a listicle are great ways of creating engaging content to act as a starting point for your audience.

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Trendjacking Blogs

Trendjacking or newsjacking allows you to take advantage of current events and trends to reach a wider audience and increase engagement. Trendjacking allows smaller businesses and individuals to participate in the wider conversations and content landscape beyond their usual topics and areas of expertise.

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Tip and tricks Blogs

Blogs with tips and tricks can merge with other types of listicles and trendjacking blogs. These blogs can be a great way to empower your audience and help them to learn about your area of expertise and show case your skills and knowledge.

Blogs with handy hints.

Instructional Blogs

Instructional blogs are like tips and tricks but more in depth and allow room for personal anecdotes. These blogs can be easy to write and end themselves well to marketing campaigns. Instructional blogs are great for SEO due to their natural language and common tag words since more searchable blogs are more likely to be read and shared. Instructional blogs are becoming more common, which can lead to blogs on common topics being lost in the sheer amount of content available; however instructional blogs are still highly useful for specialised and niche subjects.

Our organisation series is a great example of instructional blogs.

Entertainment and Personal Blogs

Entertainment and personal blogs can be a great way to engage with your audience in a more personal manner that allows them to feel more connected and think of you as more than a brand. Blogs about entertainment, lifestyle and culture also allow for trendjacking; topics like spring cleaning and the new year can be used and incorporated into your area of expertise or services. Entertainment blogs can also be a good way to fill in a gap in your social schedule or just give your audience a break from heavy technical content, because as great as learning is, we all need to read something light and cheery occasionally.

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