Blog types and when to use them

There are many different types of blogs, each with their own personalities and uses. It’s important to use a variety of blog formats to keep your readers engaged, besides, writing in different styles is great for keeping those writing muscles fit!

So you’ve been asked to write a product description

If you’ve shopped online you’ll have been frustrated by poor product descriptions. But product descriptions don’t have to be hard to write – it’s about knowing your buyer, providing lots of detail and appealing to their senses.

Why you need accessible marketing to increase engagement with your brand

With 1 in 5 Australians living with some form of disability, many people need accessible digital and print material. But if your marketing material is hard to read or fails to optimise for assistive technologies, you’re excluding a huge audience. You don’t have to be targeting people with disability to gain from accessible marketing. Accessible marketing broadens your audience and has many other benefits for your brand, too. 

3 Popular Video Types to Skyrocket your Social Media Engagement

Gone are the days when video was considered a nice-to-have asset in a marketer’s toolkit. Today, small and medium businesses must connect with their target audience by using video. Social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook offer customised video features to help you create great content.

How to Attract and Keep an Audience Who Loves you

Attracting and keeping an audience who loves you is something films, TV, books, and games are great at doing. The existence of Comic Con is testimony to this. Comic Con (and other pop culture conventions) has become an international set of events run by a few different groups across the globe. With the biggest being San Diego Comic Con. Oz Comic Con has also grown over the years from its inauguration in 2012. These events and the media content displayed within them have cult like followings and can teach valuable lessons about gaining and keeping an audience.