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This is the Best Software for Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are a key part of non-profit life. Measuring the impact of projects is vital. It allows us to confront our assumptions, see where we can improve, and prove that what we’re doing adds value.
Poor M&E is as bad as no M&E at all. If you’re struggling with implementation of an effective process or are looking at things you can improve, there’s software that can help. But what do you need? And where do you start?

7 simple steps to a new website that delivers results

Thank goodness we don’t question having a website anymore!

Until a few years ago, we did.

Today, we hop online and hand over our query to Mr. Google and get thousands of search results. If you’re like me, skimming through the list and clicking on a few links gets you the store location, or the opening hours, or the products on special and what not.