Top video creating and hosting platforms for your business

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Written By Samuel Laurie

To create great social videos which engage your audience, it’s important to both be able to create great videos and have a way to connect the content with your audience.iMovie

iMovie is a free app for Mac and iOS devices. iMovie is good for those who want to be able to edit on multiple devices. iMovie is also useful for videos that don’t need a lot of editing and for those people who don’t want to learn intricate software. There is a range of other free video editing software available online for PC and Mac to suit your specific needs.

Adobe Premiere Pro

For more complex or longer video editing, a program like Adobe’s Premiere Pro allows for freedom in editing. Premiere Pro allows for the ability to create and import animations, text, graphics, colour correction and special effects. Premiere Pro allows you to create other content such as gifs, and there is a range of tutorials online to help. Premiere Pro is available in a variety of packages depending on the need for other programs like Photoshop.


Lumen5 is a free, simple and user-friendly program that allows you to overlay text on photos, gifs and videos. Lumen5 is great for previewing blog posts and conveying short amounts of information in a way that stands out from the walls of text that can dominate social media. There is a range of media to select as a background to your copy, with the option to upload your own media as well as the ability to create customised branding for your videos. 


Facebook a great way to reach your audience. Sharing videos from other platforms such as YouTube can be a great way to have a variety of content on your business pages. Facebook analysis of over 6 million posts found video native to Facebook had a 109.67% higher interaction rate than videos shared from YouTube and a 477.76% higher rate of sharing than YouTube videos.

Keep Facebook videos short and interesting by using quotes, graphics and attention-grabbing titles and descriptions. Making videos accessible through captioning is a must.


Instagram is another great platform to connect your videos and audience. Instagram has two posting styles – posts and stories. Instagram stories are a type of content that disappears after 24 hours. They don’t appear in your followers feed but are in a separate feed at the top of the app. Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds so concise videos that achieve their goals quickly and stand out are key. Promoting a blog post, sharing promotions, offering discounts, sharing interesting statistics and quotes, and making announcements are all great reasons to branch out from the static images that populate most of Instagram.