What makes an Aussie true blue on Australia Day?

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Written By Tracey Markos

Every Australia Day, debate rages about ‘what makes a true Aussie?’ From the beaches to the outback, what makes us ‘true blue’ Aussies?

It’s not about your place of birth, as most of us were originally ‘ring-ins’ anyway. Being an Aussie is all about your heart. How big your heart is when a mate is in need. How your heart beats stronger to the sound of a great Aussie song. How the smell of a sausage sanga on the barbie has you reaching for your $2 coin or your drone. Being Aussie isn’t a word or a nationality or a piece of paper – it’s a feeling and an honour!

On 26th January, Aussies and their mates will be having a public holiday and celebrating as only Aussies can.

From the turntable to the dinner table let’s take a closer look at how an Aussie celebrates in true blue style.

Oz Day Music

Music creates the atmosphere that can make or break a party. Be sure to include these songs in your playlist so your mates will be reminded of what being an Aussie is all about.

When Peter Allen wrote I still call Australia home he created an ‘anthem’ for every Australian that strays from our shores. Aussies hear this song with their hearts and the words are etched into a true blue Aussie’s mind forever.

Down Under by Men at Work has great cultural significance to Aussies as the theme song for our wing-keeled beauty Australia II. As she sailed to victory over the USA in the America’s Cup in 1983 this song claimed a place in Australian sporting history.

Bruce Woodley of The Seekers and Dobe Newton of The Bushwhackers wrote I am Australian. This iconic song is considered a rival to Advance Australia Fair as our national anthem. Its references to Aussie history and culture make it a popular choice for Australia Day celebrations.

Oz Day Food

Every party needs food and these classics will be easy on your budget and you won’t be stuck in the kitchen while your mates are having fun.

Lamingtons have long been an Aussie favourite. It is believed that Lamingtons were named after Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901. His chef needed to whip up a treat for some visiting mates and came up with the idea of dipping vanilla sponge in chocolate then rolling it in desiccated coconut –history was made! Today these delicious cakes are eaten by Aussies everywhere.

Sausage sangas (or sandwiches) have long been a party favourite. Easy-to-cook – all you need is a ‘barbie’ and a set of tongs! No exotic ingredients are necessary. White bread, a thin sausage from the butcher (or Woolies), a squeeze of the dead horse (tomato sauce) and you’re done like a dinner! Easy-to-eat too – just a napkin and one hand! Budget-friendly and a big crowd-pleaser!

Lately Pavlova has been suffering an identity crisis but Aussies are still happy to claim it as our own. A large mound of crunchy meringue with a soft marshmallow centre forms the base for a pile of whipped cream and delicious fruits of your choice. Once upon a time we all had to slave over mixers and ovens to produce this Aussie dessert of choice. Thankfully supermarkets now have them in abundance and a ‘Pav’ is easy peasy to make.

Oz Day Clothing

Aussie Day dress doesn’t leave much to the imagination but it’s perfect for our weather and the beach. From Budgie Smugglers to thongs and blue singlets, our dress sense may not pass muster but it makes us Aussies through and through. Just don’t forget to slip, slop and slap!

Oz Day Events

Get into the swing of things on Australia Day and join the celebrations. From Ferry boat races on Sydney’s beautiful harbour to fireworks lighting up the skies around the country, Australia Day ends with a bang, not a whimper.

Oz Day Attitude

So don’t be a wimp, be a true blue Aussie and get in the swing of things this Australia Day. Feel your heart beat to the music and have a sausage sanga with your mates. Wave your flag with pride and rejoice in the mateship that makes us Aussies true blue.