Best New Gadgets in Tech and Beyond

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Written By Kristian Rusten

The world waits for no one, and neither does technology. Here are ten awesome gadgets to get amazed about before we cross into the new decade.

As the New Year draws in and Christmas looms, we look back at the year gone and we welcome the future to come. And what better way to welcome the future than through all the weird and wonderful gadgets vying for space on our shelves and the various pieces of plastic in our wallets?

Here are some of the coolest gadgets to check out as we say goodbye to the tentative 10s and hello to the twinkling 20s. Enjoy, and happy holidays.


Coffeejack is a kickstarter which builds upon portable coffee makers like the Aeropress and the Wacaco Nanopresso. Coffeejack reaches the same pressure as a full-blown espresso machine. It also uses no paper filters and is plotting to kill the disposable coffee cup. It won’t be ready until May, but it’s the environmentally friendly pocket espresso maker for true caffeine fiends. As a bonus, you might want to check out some fancy coffee cups.


Legion Solar Panels

Installing solar panels and cutting the energy bill down is a dream for a lot of people. Unfortunately, that dream never seems all that accessible. Another Kickstarter product, Legion Solar is still quite expensive, but they do promise that you can install them alone and ‘in minutes’. Grab some, throw them up on the roof, and start capitalising on that relentless Australasian sun.


Graphene-X Jacket

A jacket isn’t normally a gadget. But this one is, because it’s partly made out of graphene. That’s a cutting-edge wonder material; research into it won the Nobel prize back in 2010. Thanks to graphene, this jacket is durable, waterproof, anti-bacterial, lightweight, windproof, and warm. Definitely a gadget.


Kodak Luma

Kodak have made a range of tiny projectors. They’re high definition and they fit in your pocket, depending on the size of your pocket, of course. You can watch movies in tents like they do in their pictures or use it as a handy work accessory. Imagine that – limitless PowerPoint potential.


Philips Smartsleep

It seems like everyone struggles to sleep these days. Perhaps it’s all our technology, our computers, our phones, our… gadgets.

In response, Philips have made a light/sleep monitor which promises to help you both fall to sleep easier and get more from it once you do. It helps you research and understand your sleep and wakes you up softly, refreshed, ready for a new day.


Bellabeat Wellness Tracker

Bellabeat are making tasteful, classy ‘wellness trackers’ for women. They’ll track steps, monitor your heart rate and sleep, and even give insights to your menstrual cycle or, if you have one, your pregnancy. All the benefits of health-tech with an extra dash of discretion.


LARQ Bottle

If you’re obsessed with fresh water, then this is the bottle for you. It’ll keep water cold, it’ll keep it warm, and it has a built in UV-purification system. It promises to take care of nasty stuff like e-coli and salmonella while also just making your water smell nicer.



Nreal make ‘mixed reality glasses’. Augmented reality apps and tech keep popping up at a ferocious pace. The potential goes far beyond catching Pokemon or being guided by google maps. These glasses promise to be both lightweight and comfortable, so if you want to look at the world like the Terminator did, these could be for you.


Muse 2

Meditation is capturing more and more minds. This is clearly true in technological circles, because the makers of muse decided to go out and make a hi-tech meditation aid. This thing wraps around your head and will give you feedback on brainwaves, heartrate, your body, and your breath. If you’re looking for statistical feedback on your meditation sessions, grab yourself one of these.



Homebiogas is a big black bag you put in your backyard and throw all your food scraps at. It then gives you biogas that you can cook with and, as a sweet bonus, high-quality fertiliser. It works on heat from the sun and bacteria. It’s environmentally sound, it’ll save you money, and you’ll have an easier time when society collapses and we’re left to fend for ourselves, Mad Max style. Top gadgetry.

What gadgets have you got your eye on as we enter the new decade? Do you have, or will you buy, any of the ones listed above? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know.