3 happy hacks to boost your productivity this week

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Written By Maureen

Productivity rules. Doing more with less is achievable when we are more productive. Here are 3 hacks that will get you on the productivity track.

  1. Do what you love

The glee with which she approached the task was infectious. I’d given one of our uni student-casuals the job of creating Facebook memes for Mondays and Fridays. Little messages of hope or fun to encourage our followers at the beginning and end of the week.

If I’d given her a $100 iTunes gift card, she couldn’t have been more delighted. She was, literally, bouncing in her chair as she chose or created images, drafted messages and got them approved. 35 memes later, in less than two hours, she had them designed, approved, and scheduled for our social media assets.

It was such a vivid reminder of how much fun work can be when we do something we love that aligns with our talents. What can you focus on this week that will have you bouncing in your seat?

  1. Unsubscribe

You can read 600-word blog posts about Inbox zero (where you work to get your Inbox down to nothing, nada, zilch). If you’re like me, you’ve got 4,290 messages sitting in your Inbox and the thought of having to go through and delete that many emails is climbing-Mt Kilimanjaro-daunting.

So tackle one thing – unsubscribe from the next 10 auto-generated emails in your Inbox. Do that every day for a month. Just think, at least 300 fewer emails in your Inbox next month.

  1. Stand up

If you’ve got an Apple Watch (or some other smart wrist device), it’s probably telling you to stand up right now. Take its advice and conduct your next meeting standing up. You will keep the meeting shorter, you will benefit from the exercise, and your nagging wrist will be bleating “goal achieved” in next to no time.

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Maureen Shelley is The Copy Collective’s COO. As our resident nerd, she loves productivity hacks of all kinds and devours tech blogs with her cereal. Maureen supervises our current crop of uni student creatives and admin assistants.