3 Tips to Make Your Halloween Social Media Scary Good This Year

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Written By Daniel Markos

Social media is a huge element of every major event on the calendar. You need to make your content stand out to get the attention you deserve. These 3 simple tips below will help you achieve that.

Every major calendar event, content creators think: “what will I do this year for social media.” Halloween amplifies this as costumes and themes come into play. In the full-time content-creator/influencer age, a drop of blood and a few spider webs doesn’t cut it any more! So, how do you compete?

No matter what medium or platform you work with, we’ve got 3 tips to help you make your content work for you!

Be Smart About Your Inspiration

Do NOT let examples of professional social media content on trending and front pages affect your content. When it comes to Halloween, very few people have financial or personal access to professional makeup and special effects artists. If something looks like it belongs in a movie, then it probably came with the price and skill tag. This is often unattainable and not great content insight.

People who are looking to social media for inspiration want achievable and replicable results. Anything that uses clever lighting, smart costumes and manageable makeup will succeed. A fantastic place to start are photography and makeup blogs like https://expertphotography.com/halloween-photography/ and https://www.byrdie.com/halloween-makeup-tips. The average person isn’t blowing their budget for one party or a couple of seconds for TikTok dancing. Use that to your advantage – become the creator they seek out now and in the future!

Be Transparent About Your Creative Process

The first thing people who are looking for inspiration check is whether they can replicate it. Nowadays, people are instantly aware if your content is only possible because of Photoshop, FaceTune, VSCO etc. Impossible makeup, fake-looking hair, reality-warping shadows…all that stands out to the average consumer. Heavily photoshopped and altered images work great for attention but not for engaging ordinary people who want help.

The internet is a huge place where people will find transparent creators or Google the same tips and tricks you did. If you are building a community of followers who come to you for ideas – especially for small businesses – that type of content isn’t useful. Instead, create a conversation by being open – your engagement and credibility increase, plus people come back for more advice. The days of social media being just about likes and numbers are over. It’s all about community and engaging people regularly.

Get Your Content Type Right

Don’t box yourself into one platform – you set yourself up for poor exposure. Use the hours you’ve spent on your content to create half a dozen platform posts. For example:

  • Two Facebook posts: One direct and Instagram Cross-post
  • Two Instagram posts: An Instagram Live doing makeup and then the Photoshoot
  • Do a write up of your process and this content journey for your posts/blog.
  • Two TikTok videos: The makeup look then a transition video from Chic to Scary
  • Tweet/Snap about it with behind the scenes photos

Same content, but now you have a variety of outputs to spread around your platforms.

Finally, if you haven’t used TikTok, get on it with this helpful article https://blog.hootsuite.com/tiktok-tricks/. The platform is amazing for creative content and has an algorithm that promotes everyone equally.

Good luck for Halloween 2021, get out there and create. The world can’t wait to see your content!

By Daniel Markos – Daniel is the manager for a full-time model and influencer and works in content planning and creation.