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TCC lands major banking sector project

Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Mr Graeme Innes AM, has been appointed by the Australian Bankers’ Association to head up a review of existing electronic accessibility standards.

The review is vital in ensuring that all Australians are able to access banking including ATMs, Eftpos, online banking and banking apps, and that bank staff receive appropriate training.

The ABA’s Deputy CEO, Diane Tate, said the future of banking is rapidly changing.

“Technology is a huge enabler for many people but not everybody. We need to make sure that banking is as accessible and easy as possible.

“We need to ensure that standards today enable all Australians to enjoy equal access to banking, which is a vital part of modern life. We look forward to Graeme’s insights into what the industry can do to achieve this,” Ms Tate said.

Dr Innes said he is very pleased to be involved in the review.

“Banks led the way on voluntary industry standards in the ‘90s. I’m happy to be involved to be working with them again to make those standards relevant for today,” Dr Innes said.

“Dr Innes and TCC Strategic Consulting will engage with a wide range of stakeholders including, the disability sector, banks, government agencies and the technology sector as part of the overarching review.

“As a former Disability Discrimination Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission I am passionate about equality and access to services. Technology has moved so quickly that we need to ensure that products are not just fit for today, but also for the future.

I applaud the ABA for seeking to consult broadly with a range of organisations in the banking and disability sectors and myself and TCC strategic are looking forward to being involved in this review,” Dr Innes said.

The review will look at existing standards, accessible authentication principles, existing bank accessibility plans, and domestic and international best practices.

Media contacts: Graeme Innes 0412 369 963; TCC Strategic Consulting: Dominique Antarakis 0409 911 891 ABA: Kelly Stevens 0497-577-133 Nathalie Samia 0410 348 531

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TCC lands major banking sector project » 2017-11-28 14:49:37
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You deserve the loveliest of Valentine’s Days - you won’t believe the gift we have for you!

You need to reach more hearts through stronger campaigns. We’ve worked with charities and NFPs for 13 years, and we understand what services can help make donors fall in love with your cause.

To coincide with Valentine’s Day, The Copy Collective is excited to announce the launch of our new division, heart.

heart builds on the content marketing services we’re already well-known for among the not-for-profit community. heart allows us to help you with fundraising efforts by offering strategy, content, data and design.

Head of Content Strategy Dominique Antarakis said: “We’re excited to be launching heart on Valentine’s Day. Our love of fundraising is well known after 13 years in the industry.

“By establishing a full-service agency focusing on the charity sector we can deliver a complete service that goes straight to the heart of donors.”

Creating a full service agency, focusing on NFPs, will build a stronger connection and allows us to develop heart-centred fundraising and marketing campaigns.

Strategy and Planning Director Naomi Byers said: “Copy has always been at the core of our work but we’ve never looked at it in isolation – it’s always as part of a much bigger picture.

“I’m thrilled that heart is now in a position to make a much bigger contribution to the charity sector by leading with strategy, and integrating copy content with data and design.”

To find out more about our new services and what we can do for fundraising and NFPs, visit our new website at

Wait for it – here’s our gift to you (pick one).

The first 50 organisations who propose to us by February 29 (book your tax appeal!) and we’ll give you a heart-warming 5% off the regular price.


No half measures, for the first 20 organisations who book an audit of your appeal packs by February 29; we’ll say ‘I do’ to 50% off the regular price. That’s a saving of $399.

Do you love us yet?

Contact heart

Australia: +61 2 8084 6600



New Zealand: +64 9 905 4977


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You won’t believe the gift we have for you! » 2016-02-14 10:00:52
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The Copy Collective chief urges young guns to give their big ideas room to grow with CoSydney

Dominique Antarakis speaks to The Daily Telegraph

Recently, The Copy Collective teamed with our good friends at CoSydney to provide benefits to creative entrepreneurs starting their business journey.

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Read what The Daily Telegraph had to say about Dominique, The Copy Collective and CoSydney » 2015-11-19 14:01:04

Dominique Antarakis talks about CoSydney

The Copy Collective is a proud member of CoSydney. Dominque talks about what it’s like to work in a creative space.

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Introducing CoSydney member Dominique Antarakis » 2015-10-23 16:03:39
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How to write accessible copy for the web

In a bid to assist Government departments make their websites accessible to all, The Copy Collective has produced comprehensive training videos that show how to make website copy comply with global standards.

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Access all areas » 2014-10-31 11:40:03

The Copy Collective helps to start the Attitude Foundation

As part of its commitment to a fairer society, The Copy Collective is a founding partner of the Attitude Foundation. Following the successful New Zealand model, the Attitude Foundation seeks to change attitudes to people with disabilities through new media and video.

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Attitude is everything » 2014-07-05 15:12:38
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Freelancers are changing the 'day job'

Australian employers realise that an appealing working environment is an effective way to attract and retain staff.
Maureen Shelley and Dominique Antarakis run a team of freelancers under the name The Copy Collective. Their business has grown from a dozen freelancers a year ago to more than 80 today, managed by five full time staff.

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Future of work » 2014-05-09 10:53:08
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Typos are her best friend

Never one to shy away from a war of words, Dominique Antarakis – The Copy Collective’s esteemed CEO – has a lot to say about typos and other fonts of disaster.

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Dominique Antarakis » 2014-01-13 04:42:34

The Copy Collective congratulates Olivia Cartwright

In partnership with the Attitude Trust of New Zealand, The Copy Collective is proud to sponsor a student with a disability to attend AUT to study communications.

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Sponsoring students » 2013-12-03 04:43:21
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I know what my staff do minute by minute

Maureen Shelley sometimes wears her pyjamas to work and encourages her staff to do the same. There are benefits to the pyjama economy that non-teleworking souls will never learn, she says.

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Pyjama economy » 2013-11-22 13:55:04

Women brave the fiscal odds

Dominique Antarakis, the CEO of The Copy Collective, founded the company in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis. What crisis? she said and went on to build a successful business.

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Economic contribution » 2013-03-19 00:00:46

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