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How to Reach More People with Accessible and Inclusive Content

COVID-19 has pushed much of our daily activities into the digital realm. So, as marketers, we need to spruce up our digital content to meet the challenge. People who have traditionally not accessed our content may now try to do so. Websites, articles, videos and social media posts need to be more accessible to the public, who are now spending more time online.

Three people sitting around a laptop pointing at various parts of the screen

How to make your website more compelling

When it comes to your website and the copy that goes with it, be consistent with your ‘brand’ and the image that you want to present to your potential customers – and the world.

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Why good content can be better than Google.

What makes a good content strategy? How many times have you asked Google a question today? Maybe you questioned why your phone’s hot after only half an hour’s use. Perhaps

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How to promote your site big time on a budget

Today, with tons of options, building a useful website seems relatively easy. But generating traffic and keeping site visitors coming for more…isn’t.

Beating writers block and getting out of a slump

Getting stuck on a project or feeling like you are in a slump is definitely not beneficial to your productivity or wellbeing. Taking care of yourself is vital for not only breaking out of a slump but for defeating the dreaded writers block.

All You Need to Know About Attracting Strangers with Inbound

In part two of our blog series on inbound marketing, we’ll help you get started with attracting people. We’ll break down the process step by step, and look at what you need to do to prepare, the role content plays in inbound, and how to increase visibility.

How to be a great editor when it comes to your own work

How can you edit your own work? If we turn this around, the question is: how can you not edit your own work? Any writing that’s important, that will be read by your clients or colleagues or will be accessed by the public – needs to be as good as possible, or perhaps perfect.