Ten Top Dog Tails

World Accessibility Day It was a hot sticky day in Sydney as I walked along the leafy suburban Roseville Street with my first guide dog Jordie.  I was wearing shorts

Looking over the should on someone on a laptop. The screen shows a graph and statistics of a particular search's SEO on google.

A quick and easy introduction to SEO

With this quick introduction, you’ll understand what SEO is, why it’s important, and how to use it to get your website high on Google’s search results.

A desktop computer with a screen saver reading "Do more." Illustrating how to make your website more accessible

10 reasons to make your website more accessible

I’m old enough to remember when a “click through” was what you did at the turnstile to get into the Royal Easter Show or cricket at the SCG. Yes, I grew up in Sydney. But now it has an entirely different meaning.

The back of a womens head and the webpage of the laptop she is looking at

How to know when to update your website design

You’re an online-aware business – that’s why you’re reading this blog. So you know it’s important to have a website that does the job.

But here’s a question: Have you thought about your website design lately?

Old Dogs Teach Young’uns New Tricks

Some people who drive cars know all about how they work. But for others opening the bonnet is a venture into the unknown. It’s the same with people who travel