1. How soon can you get the copy back to me?

This is the No. 1 question from every client – how soon can we deliver the goods. We’re pretty good and while we prefer a turnaround time of a week we can get things done overnight. So, ask us and we’ll see what we can do for you. Mind, sometimes we have to pay our people extra to get things done super-urgently, and if we do we will pass on any extra costs to you.
2. Can I have Pauline, Dominique, Jim or Maureen or whoever?

Many of our clients like a particular style or they like the person who did their last job. Where it’s possible (i.e. they are available) we will provide the same copywriter when we can. However, everyone gets The Copy Collective training and everyone’s work goes through The Copy Collective quality assurance process. So, yes, you can have Pauline or Dominique or Jim or Maureen or whoever – because, essentially, all our writers receive the same training and support, and our aim is to deliver the same quality copy; no matter who writes it.
3. What does it cost?

The more you can tell us about a job the closer to the actual cost we will estimate. To avoid nasty shocks, we usually quote a range for larger jobs and we work to achieve the lowest level of that range. Our rates are competitive and represent good value for money. We will tell you either the actual cost plus GST at the beginning or a range. You will get this quote before we start the job. We promise you there will be nothing hidden.
4. I just want a brochure, why do I have to fill out this form?

If we understand your business and purpose then we can deliver a service to you that meets your needs rather than deliver what you ask and then have to create other material for you when you find it doesn’t do what you want.
5. Can you do the creative too?

If you need graphics or creative to go with the copy we are writing we can arrange that for you.
6. How do you work?

At The Copy Collective, we work with experienced, talented writers who we select and train to provide quality copy writing services. We have more than 60 writers on our books and they are qualified in every aspect of copywriting. Whether you want a speech written for a launch in China, an eDM for your charity, an annual report for your publically-listed company or crisp words for a sales brochure or magazine we can deliver just the right writer.
We provide you with a single point of contact – our dedicated Client Services Managers – and we manage the process including quality control and amends.

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