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If you need a ghost writer, an editor or proof reader, publishing service and imprint service then Red Raven Books can help. Using the expert services of The Copy Collective team, we can draw on professionals who have more than a century of experience to produce a book of which you will be proud.

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We provide:

  • Proof reading – typographical errors, grammar and semantics
  • Editing – more substantive editing including structure and flow, as well as proof reading
  • Ghost writing – you tape, we transcribe and rewrite the material as a manuscript
  • Bibliography and indexing – you take care of the creative and let us take care of the technicalities
  • Publishing – print and digital
  • Print – let us coordinate your cover design, typesetting and legal deposit registration and fulfilment
  • Digital – we can convert manuscripts to digital-ready files for epub services


3D book cover of Rest in Print with head shot of author Mitchell Hilby bottom right with text reading Mitchell Hilby

Rest In Print

Rest In Print provides unique insight into the challenges, and the opportunities available, as print volumes decline and the industry transitions into a services-led model, such as Managed Print Services (MPS).

Rest In Print collects Mitchell’s experience into a useful, easy-to-read guide to help you understand today’s practices and current trends. Including up-to-the-minute tips to help you to spot sharp sales practices that cost you money, Rest In Print will also show you how to improve your appeal as a customer so that companies fight harder for your business.

Learn the five factors you need to know in order to understand your Page Per Print contract and take control of your printing spend.


image of hope in 60 seconds in top right corner with headshot of author Graham Agnew bottom right and text reading Graham Agnew in bottom left on a light grey background

Hope in 60 Seconds

Do you ever feel as if the pace of life is getting ahead of you? Are you permanently running on empty? If so, Hope in 60 Seconds is written for you.

Renowned Australian pastor and speaker, Graham Agnew shares 100 short messages to bring you hope. Messages like these have inspired thousands of people during weekday broadcasts on radio.

In an age where we’re forever on the run, Graham Agnew’s book is a gem. We’re swamped by so much information today, but where is wisdom – where is hope? They’re found in the pages of this book, in a rich array of 60 second ‘grabs’, that paint us a picture of God, vitally interested and involved in every aspect of our lives. He explains why Jesus remains a compelling, arresting figure – despite the frequent flaws of His followers. This is wisdom and hope for every day!

– Leigh Hatcher, former presenter of the national Open House radio program.

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on grey background image of 3D IT should just work book top left, author Michael Hamilton bottom right with text reading Michael Hamilton bottom right

IT Should Just Work

Have your internet banking accounts been offline for an entire 24 hour period? Or have you tried to check into your flight and found the booking system has crashed with no hint of when the system would be operational again?

As an executive, business owner or IT manager, if you want to avoid these disasters this book can help you realise the benefits of an integrated software testing and customer-focused strategy.
Software testing isn’t sexy but it can mean the difference of happy customers tweeting about your service or a nightmare where your stock price takes a dive from which it may never recover.

It Should Just Work can help you to avoid problems before they eventuate. This book communicates the importance software has on the bottom line in regard to risk mitigation and compliance. It is for:

  • Organisations whose core business is around customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Companies currently employing software testing in their IT strategy that want to improve their results
  • Companies not employing software testing at all
  • Customers & employees want software to work first time and operate as expected every time!

Customers & employees want software to work first time and operate as expected every time!

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on a grey background 3D book over of Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires, with headshot of author Cynthia Dearin bottom right and text reading Cynthia Dearin bottom left

Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires

Have you ever considered doing business in the Middle East and North Africa region and decided that the cultural differences made it all too difficult? Or perhaps you already work there and are finding that cultural misunderstandings are spoiling the experience. If so, Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires is for you. 

Camels, Sheikhs and Billionaires addresses common misperceptions about the MENA region and sets out central themes and essential information about the cultures of the MENA countries. It also provides strategies for dealing with clients, suppliers and regulatory bodies. Most importantly, this book helps you get inside the mind of the Middle Eastern businessperson on the other side of the negotiating table and see things from their perspective.

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on a grey background 3D book cover of Chatswood catholic cemetery with author Joan Antarakis bottom right and text reading Joan Antarakis bottom left

Chatswood Catholic Cemetery

Historian Joan Newman Antarakis is a New South Wales native and fifth generation Australian. She is married with five children. Her paternal ancestors were early pioneers on the Hunter River (1826) and Clarence River (1842). A keen family historian, especially in the area of Australian history, Joan studied at the University of New England (Armidale) and graduated with a Diploma in Local and Applied History.

Her first book, Changing Names, Changing Faces: One Hundred & Five Years of Catholic Life in Chatswood and Willoughby, NSW, 1895-2000 – a history of the Chatswood/Willoughby Catholic Parish, NSW was published in 2001.

Her new book, Chatswood Catholic Cemetery – c. 1865 – c.1911 is intended to be a lasting memorial to the many extraordinary settlers and pioneers who came to this area on Sydney’s North Shore. Over many years, the deceased and their stories captured Joan’s interest, especially when she discovered that several of those buried at Chatswood were convicts.

Evidence also emerged of close ties to the First, Second and Third Fleets and early military regiments.

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