Digital – Copyright Agency

Do you ever wish you could find a copywriter who could do everything?

Copyright Agency wanted a digitally-literate copywriter for themselves and their allied organisations Viscopy, Reading Australia and Australian Poetry Library. So they came to The Copy Collective.

We have many copywriters on our books and we knew the perfect one for their challenge. Need a copywriting super hero for your job? Get in touch today! One feature was on poet Samuel Wagan Watson (pictured above) and you can read it here.

Our writer

  • liaised with web designers
  • helped to set up their back-end systems
  • updated 3 different CMS
  • collated and reported on analytics

She wrote

  • all the copy for a new website
  • reports explaining Google Analytics results
  • the Knowledge Centre for one site
  • feature articles for their main site and the media
  • interview features
  • blog posts
  • media releases
  • SEO
  • social media and e-messaging
  • articles for an end-of-year review

The Copy Collective showed us that thousands of Australians are looking for poems about love on the two days before Valentine’s Day. They told us about spikes in traffic prior to Australia and Anzac Days. That confirmed our anecdotal evidence and delighted us too – as a result, we’re adjusting our social media strategy for the Australian Poetry Library. We’ve had Google Analytics reports before but The Copy Collective gave us deeper insights.

Bevan Lisle, Communications Director, Copyright Agency