Cause marketing – Attitude Foundation

Ever have an outrageous deadline?

We don’t recommend building your marketing campaign from scratch in 2 days. But we have done it.

Graeme Innes is Chair of Attitude Foundation, a new start up to improve attitudes to people with disabilities. He saw a one-off opportunity to launch the foundation very fast – if we could do it. We could and we can help you too!

  • We helped with the launch
  • established their social media presence (Facebook, Twitter)
  • ran the social media campaign (establishing their HootSuite account)
  • wrote a press release and distributed it to major media outlets
  • developed all their digital assets
  • organised a web designer
  • built the website
  • completed all the web copywriting

From the brief to launch we completed the whole job in 48 hours. The results?

  • They reached 250,000 people in 7 hours
  • reached 500,000 people in 2 days
  • converted 700+ people to sign up
  • and raised thousands of dollars