Our People

Our writers are just people who are good with words.

We could try to satisfy the stereotypes but it’s more fun being as individual as we are. Our interests, passions and skills are many and varied. The common element we share is long, broad and deep experience working with words to achieve a dazzling array of ends.

Andrea O'Driscoll


Business, finance and the arts

Andy Quan

Editor and copywriter

UN agencies, professional services, small businesses and blogging

Clare Wadsworth

Editor & proof reader

Editor of marketing collateral, digital communications and manuscripts

Damian Clarke

Copywriter and quality auditor

Quality assurance auditor, editor and corporate copywriter

Dominique Antarakis

CEO, copywriter, editor


Ellie Richmond

Copywriter & digital specialist

Marketing specialist and digital writer

Felicity Kitson

Copywriter & medical writer

Education, medical and corporate specialist

Ingle Knight

Copywriter, playwright & academic specialist

Scripts and arts writer

James Roberts

Copywriter, marketing & academic specialist

Digital, marketing and communications creative writing specialist

Jim Butcher

Copywriter & digital specialist

Marketing writer

Johanna Bennett

Copywriter & finance & medical specialist

Digital, government and business campaigns

Jules Livingstone

Digital copywriter and environmental specialist

Environmental specialist

Kendall Richmond

Copywriter & digital specialist

Education, marketing and digital projects

Kim Welinski

Photographer & copywriter

Photography and lifestyle projects

Lesley Branagan

Copywriter & digital specialist

Digital media campaigns

Lindy Ferris

Manuscript and copy editor/proof reader and copywriter

Experienced book and copy editor, digital and marketing specialist

Maureen Shelley

COO, copywriter & editor

Corporate, government, education and digital specialist

Melita Rowston

Copywriter, digital, arts & education specialist

Marketing and communications

Tina Antarakis


Government, business and not-for-profit clients

Tracey Markos

Copywriter & LinkedIn specialist

Corporate digital communication

Valerie Wangnet

Copywriter & fundraising specialist

Animals, fundraising and children's education

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