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Want to learn how to automate your content marketing? Then sign up for the Small Business Project and hear from our very own Maureen Shelley on content marketing.

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With a range of material on content marketing, inbound marketing and content strategy, you can learn from TCC International’s very own expert Maureen Shelley.

Sign up for the first module – How to Look Big on a Small Budget, and then take the other modules in your own time.

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Maureen has packed information into a 45-minute video that’s designed to be paused so you can develop your content marketing plan. You will be guided each step of the way.

From channels to audience, from tech tools, to curated content – and then the automation starts!

In addition, Maureen has provided some great tools for you to get your plan down on paper and ready to roll out for the next 12 months.

You get:

  1. A one-page marketing page template
  2. TCC’s own tech list for you to build your tech stack
  3. TCC’s social media audit tool for you to establish your baseline
  4. Maureen’s presentation in PDF to keep guiding you all year, and
  5. A surprise extra gift that will help you develop your storytelling

An experienced content marketer who has a passion for
technology and a love of small business. Maureen is a
sought-after speaker and content creator.

Maureen Shelley

TCC International

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Learn from Maureen, in sessions designed for small business. From branding to SEO, from content marketing to business mindset. You can access Maureen’s session on automated content marketing, which is designed to be revisited time and time again.

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