Photograph of activists with fists in the air during a protest.

Top 5 apps all social activists need

Smartphones are changing the way we do activism. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have given voice to the masses and a means to publicise messages quickly. But not all

How to boost business with 9 trendjacking tips

How to boost business with 9 trendjacking tips

The internet is a random creature with the most unusual things gaining incredible traction across many platforms. Trying to force your message to go viral can often be a waste

Person on Mac laptop with social media pages open blogging

The romance of blogging

August, it seems, is the Month of Romance Awareness. The furthest it can get from February and Valentine’s Day, August is now the month of love. Maybe it’s a coincidence,

Lovely greyhound lying in bed

5 Lessons For You About Going Viral

It was an evening like any other. I certainly wasn’t expecting to become a Facebook sensation. It was Tuesday, 19 May 2015 and I needed to change my bed. As usual,

TED2015 presentation with full audience

Top 10 TED Talks from TED2015

We have the technology for humans to colonise Mars. It’s possible to recreate an entire conversation using the data gleaned from the movement of a nearby chip packet. And Monica