Sign reading 'Now you listen to me, young lady!'

What does your tone of voice say about you?

What is your tone of voice saying about your company? “Dear Maureen, With the Spring ‘14 product update just around the corner, we want to make sure you’re adequately informed

Sven from Frozen tripping on ice

Disney, disability and Frozen

Frozen charts feminist territory and a glimmer of a more enlightened view of people with disabilities for Disney writes Maureen Shelley. Despite the singing (I lost it when the snowman started

IPhone with Facebook login page open next to scrabble tiles that read 'social media'

What’s on your mind?

How I learned to love crappy Facebook statuses If you’re a regular user of Facebook, you scroll past inane statuses every day. Maybe in the last hour. It might have

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web Your digital audience is internet-savvy and time poor. So don’t waste their precious time (and yours) with long-winded explanations of why they should buy from you.

The Great Gatsby or just the not-so-great gabby

Thanks to Warner: The Great Gatsby poster Our Paris-based fashionista Tina Antarakis, manages to get some time off from working for her own business, The Style Bar, and as a

What You Can Learn from Us Being The Client From Hell

Thanks to What you can learn from us (well, it was me really; sorry Dominique) being The Client From Hell Maureen Shelley shares what she’s learned through redeveloping the company’s

My favourite punctuation mark

Correct use of colons and semi-colons is good for showing-off. The comma does a fine job separating things. Brackets, dashes and the ellipsis all have a role to play. The