Prepare Your Donor Garden for Spring

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7 steps to a beautiful (donor) garden all year round

1. Clean up garden beds (donor database)
• Remove out-of-date contact info
• Make sure all donor info is accurate and names are spelled correctly
• Remove high-bounce email addresses from eDM database
• Review segmentation/categories for personalised campaigns

2. Apply fertiliser and mulch
• Replenish donors with some (appropriate) love
• Find a happy medium between ‘spam’ and ‘ignore’
• Prepare campaigns for the ‘dry season’
• Re-engage with lapsed donors

3. Re-pot growing plants – upsell your donors
• Ask donors to give more next time
• Ask big

4. Prune shrubs and trees – review campaigns
• Cut back unsuccessful campaigns
• Invest in successful campaigns
• Dissect and learn from what did and didn’t work
• Don’t be afraid to ‘transplant’ campaigns – shuffle your campaign schedule

5. Plant veggies and quick colour – organise case studies
• Review current case studies refresh with new presentation
• Collect new case studies
• Plan for the year ahead – different case studies for different seasons
• Create a mix of ‘substantial’ and ‘colourful’ case studies

6. Clean and mend outdoor furniture – review all infrastructure
• Inspect everything for ‘storm damage’ – fix errors and bugs
• Check organisation contact details across all media
• Make sure all webpages are functional
• Consider refresher training for eDM/CRM software
• Review logistical processes

7. Enjoy a cup of tea – look after staff and volunteers
• Take a moment to recover from tax time
• Send some love to volunteers
• Plan for the year ahead to thank volunteers i.e. Christmas, Volunteer Week 2016

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