How to promote your site big time on a budget

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Written By Beenish Piracha

Today, with tons of options, building a useful website seems relatively easy. But generating traffic and keeping site visitors coming for more…isn’t.

Here’s a list of tried and tested marketing tips to increase site visibility and keep your visitors and sales team happy.


Links, links and more links

Think of your site as a hub of all content assets and digital activity.

Link everything back to your website, then track performance through analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

For quick results, add your site link to the digital signatures of your staff so your website is a click away for the receiver each time an office email goes out. Done?

You can spruce it up further by adding news headlines to your email signatures. This will not only keep the readers informed about the latest company updates but will also encourage them to click and land on your website, again and again. Viola!

Also, your business cards must have your website address (URL). Check.

Next, audit your current marketing collateral. Then, systematically add your site link to all documents including:

  • Sales material
  • Instruction manuals
  • Case studies
  • Whitepapers


Create a web of quality backlinks

When reliable industry sources link to your site, you get more referral traffic. This, in turn, increases your site ranking and credibility.

An easy and inexpensive way to achieve the above is by reaching out to your network of business partners. Request your suppliers and re-sellers to link to your site. Teaming up with them to create useful content for the target market may create a win-win situation.

Submit product updates and software releases to industry-leading publications. This is a good PR practice and also helps in creating search engine friendly backlinks.


Use social media to your advantage

Based on your content plan, each time you post anything on your site, promote it on social channels. This will create a web of links back and forth – your website and channels.

Add email marketing to the mix, and you have a recipe for success.


Get more out of your e-newsletters

Connecting with your client base through periodic newsletters is a common marketing practice. This is your chance to share useful content with them along with company updates. This is also a great opportunity for you to send your readers to your site for advanced reading.

If the content on your site is well laid out, the visitors will enjoy browsing from page to page and keep coming back for more. If they struggle, you will find out through the bounce rate and average time spent on site.


Paid advertising

Sometimes, organic efforts are not enough. To gain momentum, it pays to invest in advertising particularly when stakes are high. For instance, you can run online ads on leading industry sites. This helps in two ways:

  1. creates sponsored backlinks to your site
  2. strengthens your media relations

Think beyond ‘me too’ advertising with engaging copy and content. Give the reader a real incentive to click on the ad, for example, a downloadable whitepaper.

Promoting your tradeshow presence with a product launch is another way to get more out of your ad and drive traffic to your site.

Investing in Google Ads helps drive site traffic for target keywords. The search engine also rewards you for long-tail keywords that appear in organic search.


Bonus tip:

If you choose to invest in costly print advertising, use QR codes to link the ad to your site.


On-page SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the key in driving traffic to your website. Refer to previous post for common SEO elements.