Need Helpful Ways to Market Better and Quickly Grow Business in 2022?

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Written By Daniel Markos

As every business begins the recovery from COVID-19, marketing has never been more important to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Here, we look at some helpful (and hopefully easy!) ways to improve your marketing for 2022.

The economic recovery from COVID is well and truly underway. The most important step for small business recovery is its customers. No matter what business you’re in, we’ve got some tips to help ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing and get people buying!

Know Your Customers

This is the first and most crucial tip for every business. Whether you think you know them or not, the huge online shift in the past 2 years has changed customer profiles. You need to make sure marketing is bringing in the customers you want. Make sure you know your ideal customer and how to reach them!

But even more than that, you can see what sort of customers are coming in who you AREN’T targeting. This gives you some idea of who else to focus on to expand your customers. This is one of the easiest ways to grow but is often missed because businesses don’t do an analysis of their customers often enough.

To read more on how to do a customer analysis, check out this blog. This builds a solid foundation for what direction your marketing needs to take.

Keep Your Marketing Up to Date

Once you know your customer, you need to get them to notice you. The world moves quickly now, and the digital age is seeing trends come and go quicker than ever. Your marketing should ensure that both new and old customers keep you in mind. If your marketing looks the same as it did in years gone by, people will see it as just more of the same posts, campaigns, emails, or products.

It is vital for businesses to update marketing and keep customers interested. That way, when you run that new campaign in 2022, customers will have YOU on their mind and not the competitor with the awesome new ads. Remember, people see hundreds of products and brands a day. Don’t get lost in the rabble.

Some places to start include:

  • Tweak a few colours and update your images and graphics
  • Reposition important elements of your landing page/emails
  • Rewrite your copy to make sure your campaign and sales are current and relevant

Here is a list of tips on how to update your marketing and stay current.

Get Yourself Out There

Nowadays, there are dozens of different social media platforms for every facet of life. Too many businesses limit themselves to only one or two, which stops their brand getting out to a wider audience. The ads and content you make for your marketing don’t have to be different on every platform, they just need to be there! Why not take advantage of the free advertising that exists outside Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn social media is a great place to promote businesses within huge networks of like-minded people. Pinterest is great for getting wide, easy exposure and to link straight back to websites and other social media.

Check out the 7 major platforms that every small business should be using here at Business News Daily.

Good Luck for the new year and your 2022 business. I’ll be looking out for all these amazing new marketing campaigns!

By Daniel Markos – Daniel is the manager for a full-time model and influencer and works in content planning and creation.