Have the best teamwork with these lessons from football

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Written By Samuel Laurie

Whichever brand of football you subscribe to whether it be soccer or rugby, there is an abundance of balls and feet. Football players can teach us a lot about teamwork. Without teamwork we would all be watching a group of people fighting over a ball like toddlers.

 Unite through goals and passions

The common goal and passion between footballers allows them to form strong bonds and work together with people they may not choose to in their personal lives, most people can recall at least one time when they have had to work towards a common goal with someone they didn’t necessarily get along with. If footballers can be courteous throughout their careers in both amateur and professional levels then so can the rest of us.


Football players stand together through life events from injury and illness to weddings and childbirth because when you are part of a team if one falls you all fall. It’s important to share the highlights of life with your team whether it’s on or off the field. This builds strong relationships that will help in the tough times.

Push each other

Not everyone on the team can be the fastest runner or lift the most. But it’s important for team members to come together and push each other to be their best. Whether it’s on the sports ground or in the office encouraging your team to be their best has no negative impacts and only improves things.

Play to your strengths

Footballers play to their strengths, everyone has a role to play in moving the ball down the field; similarly everyone has a role to play in your team. Pooling resources and working to each individuals strength allows things to be done more effectively and more enjoyably.

 Trust and Accountability

Everyone on football team has to trust in one another that they are all putting in 110%. As part of a team they are accountable not only to themselves but everyone else involved. This accountability and trust allows for more motivation and a more effective team.

A happy and healthy team is an effective team. Learn from what footballers can teach us and build the best team around.