Earth Day – Time to get your hands dirty and save the planet

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Written By Geoff Jaeger

For those of us above the surface, we live to see another day dawn somewhere on our tiny sphere. Seven billion plus different dawns for the inhabitants of our mysterious, orbiting satellite – so focused currently on POTUS, Putin and peril. One of those dawns, 22nd April to be precise, is known as Earth Day.

It’s a day literally about the Earth – well so what, you say. But wait: ‘This year’s campaign is all about environmental and climate literacy.’ If you visit you’ll find people are on a mission to ‘build the world’s largest environmental movement.’

Earth versus The Earthlings

That’s no mean feat in a time of climate change denial, a denial that’s seen the leader of one of the world’s most powerful countries, ‘poised to roll back rules on smog and drilling off Alaska and the east coast.’ (The Guardian, 9 April 2017)

According to the article’s author, Joanna Walter: “Donald Trump has already made sweeping efforts to boost fossil fuel industries and undo landmark efforts to combat the effects of climate change.”

Take your mind back to 9th February 2017 and the Australian Parliament where Treasurer Scott Morrison did show-and-tell with a lump of coal – you’d have to wonder if the increase in atmospheric CO2 is already sapping people’s mental faculties.

A brief history in time

‘The first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement and 20 years later, Earth Day went global.’ (

It’s more than a little disappointing to visit and see no reference to Earth Day. Where’s the flashing banner championing the ‘grass roots’ cause of the party? Instead, you’re invited to click through to many other worthwhile social activities.

In fairness, it could just be the case that we’ve not adopted this American day yet –albeit almost 50 years later. There’s certainly an argument for thinking twice before adopting everything American.

Earthlings for the Earth offers numerous toolkits for download, aimed at a variety of audiences and levels. If you’re looking to join what one day might become the world’s largest environmental movement, this is one way you can play your part.

The day is also shining a light on science with the motto: ‘Science serves all of us. It protects our air and water, preserves our planet, saves lives with medical treatments, creates new industries, puts food on our tables, educates the next generation, and safeguards our future… threats to science are pervasive throughout governments around the world.’ (

Wherever you are, 22nd April is a day you can do something for our spinning satellite, even if it’s just watering a plant – that neglected one in your spare room – you know the one! Earth Day – because…

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