Why You Should Focus on Improving Your Content Strategy

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Written By Gail Barnsley

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Are you content with your content? If so, it’s probably time to think again. Sorry, but it’s true.

Not only does content strategy need regular reviewing and updating to stay relevant, but, as a vital business tool, it is something we should always strive to improve.

Particularly now, when people are stuck at home and spending more time online, you need to stay on top of how you are engaging with people through your content – be it your website, blog posts or social media.

The importance of your content

Good content helps customers learn about and bond with your brand. It’s a great investment in your brand because, executed well, it helps raise your brand profile.

Having a content strategy enables you to set your goals, identify your audience, refine your message and your story and then decide what channels and type of content will work for you.

It is not just about producing lots of material. As part of your strategy, you should measure your successes and failures and adjust as needed. As the saying goes, there is always room for improvement.

Using a customer relationship manager (CRM) such as Salesforce to gather analytics about your audience can help you map how they interact with your website and determine which content is most successful in achieving your various goals.

Why good content is a good investment

The return on investment (ROI) on well-executed content can be astonishingly high (The Copy Collective has an ROI of 800% on our content marketing).

Good content, based on a good content strategy, helps Google index your site to improve your rankings, resulting in a higher brand profile. You should aim to improve your SEO results to increase audience engagement and lift your conversion rate.

Getting your SEO right is a powerful – and free – way to boost your brand by increasing traffic to your site, and it:

  • Replaces TV, radio and print ads
  • Improves relevant traffic to your site
  • Works as inbound marketing
  • Gets more click-throughs than paid ads
  • Boosts your business profile
  • Gives you measurable ROI, and
  • Helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Revisit your content strategy on a regular basis

As you learn more about what works and what doesn’t, you can improve and perfect your strategy.