Top Tips for a Ho Ho Ho Christmas

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Written By Tracey Markos

With a little planning your Christmas can be Ho Ho Ho instead of humbug

Is it just me? The calendar says December, but my brain is saying August or thereabouts. Covid has changed how time is perceived. When your life stands still you do not expect the calendar to keep going. As a result of time marching on it’s almost Christmas!

Shocking on so many levels but mentally it’s Ho Ho … humbug.

The house is a mess because everyone has been home. Gifts are not purchased because shops have only just opened, and deliveries are delayed due to a Covid overload. What is next?

Christmas is coming whether you’re ready or not. Let’s look at what really matters as this festive season unfolds, and what can be swept under the Christmas tree skirt and dealt with later.

From our haven to our cave

The house became our safe haven and now it needs to transition into a Christmas cave. Clear the decks one area at a time. Recruit the family and make it fun. Promise pizza for dinner and start with the tidy up. Most homes are just surface dirty. Work together to put things back where they belong. Wipe down some surfaces, do a quick vacuum and, like magic, your home will transform. So will your disposition. Now get the tree out. It’s usually the biggest job in the cave transition but it’s also the most family friendly. Put on some Michael Buble and get into the spirit. The rest of the cave can be decorated (or not) as the inspiration hits.

The gifts that keep giving

We all have so much stuff. Don’t feel pressured by advertisements. Buy wisely. Maybe a gift to the family will be more useful than individual gifts. Movie gift cards or putting together a family hamper can be economical and fun. Remember how board games bring families together? Head to the shops and check out the new popular games. Staying up late at night playing cards or games can be the gift that keeps on giving.

The holidays are here.

If you have holidays, use them wisely. Don’t feel pressured to go “away”. It can be stressful and expensive over Christmas. Some holiday rentals have doubled in price since Covid. Having a staycation can result in a relaxing and economical break as long as you make plans, not promises. Plan beach days, movie days, relaxation days and day trips. Have BBQs and takeaways. Plan as a family so everyone is on board.

No break for you!

If you only have the public holidays, don’t stress… plan. Your hometown/city will have plenty of attractions you have been meaning to try. Enjoy the moments you have. Don’t regret the ones you don’t have.

Christmas calories and all the yummy stuff.

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Thankfully, 2022 is looking hopeful and positive after 20 and 21 have been Covid chaos. Celebrate with food and family and friends. We all deserve it. When you cook, make a huge batch. Nothing feels better than filling a table with delicious leftovers for a few days and minimising cooking. When you do cook, keep it simple.

Covid has shown us what is important. Our health and our loved ones top this list. Whatever Christmas looks like for you, make it relaxing and happy. If your house is untidy but filled with love, laughter and music, that is a gift. Be kind to yourself and to others and have yourself a very merry Christmas.