Daaamn Daniel, back at it again with those viral spams!

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Written By Rachel Innes

Viral videos

The internet is a place of communication, creativity, and cats. Not only does it allow you to talk to friends and family from across the globe, the internet acts as a limitless forum for users to share anything from their latest personal opinion, project or favorite video of a cat being terrified by a cucumber.

Watch the clip that started the latest viral craze
A 14-year-old boy named Daniel is a big, although possibly fleeting, star. For those still unaware of the ‘Damn Daniel’ craze, the video is a series of clips of Daniel strutting his outfits around school, whilst his friend comments: “Damn Daniel, back at it again with those white Vans”.
Simple subject: huge reaction. The Damn Danial clip has had more than 40 million views, Daniel and his friend Josh have ended up on Ellen, and Danial now has a lifetime supply of white Vans and Jake a surfboard that says “Damn Daniel, I’ve been on Ellen”.
What is all the fuss is about? The Damn Daniel video incorporates

All the elements of viral marketing

• The actors (Daniel and Josh – via voice over) are pretty cool looking kids from California. They are attractive and have a natural following.
• The subject matter – fashion – is popular with their target group.
• The treatment – short clips, catchy music and a signature slogan (Daamn, Daniel) results in a catchy video that is completely authentic.
• And, because they test marketed it with their peer group on SnapChat before going to YouTube, they were able to tailor it based on user feedback.

1) You can’t bottle lightning but you can study it

Whilst you never quite know what is going to go viral, you can make an estimate based on an audience’s response and customise media content to be more ‘viral friendly’.
The two teens behind the clip never quite realised what they were getting themselves into when it first started. Originally, the Damn Daniel videos were sent by Josh (the person filming) as Snapchats. Due to the popular responses the clips were receiving, the two teens collaborated to film the clips daily for a week. From there on the clips spread.

2) Make people laugh

When you can make someone laugh, you create a positive emotional connection with your target audience. Creating a positive emotional connection with your viewer is perhaps the most important element in making a viral video.
Think about the most recent viral videos that have been shared with you. Do you think you would be inclined to share it if it didn’t make you laugh? You wouldn’t!
Viral videos need to give people a reason to want to share the content with others, and the most effective way to do this is though laughter.
In the instance of the Damn Daniel Video, It’s funny, it makes people laugh. The video works to almost all audiences, allowing practically anyone with an Internet connection to watch the video, and enjoy a laugh.

3) Know your audience

It is very rare that the advertisement campaign you are publicising will be suitable for the entire population. To get the best response rate on your video, you need to identify a target market.
The Damn Daniel videos were no exception to this rule. When first publicised, the clips were shared over social media to a relatively selective circle of friends who the video was of interest to. Then, due to popular response, the clips were shared further on social media platforms and gained traction with teenagers of a similar demographic around the world.

4) Clarify your aim in #goingviral

Regardless of what the topic of your video is, you are going to have some kind of aim in #goingviral. Whether it is to promote a business, social justice issue, or just to lighten up someone’s day similar to the Damn Daniel clip, having a purpose in mind is useful before publicising a potentially viral video.

5) Satisfying your Audiences needs

It’s not all about the money, trying to give something of value to your viewers is always beneficial. You want your audience’s mood to improve after watching seeing your content, by doing this it is more likely they are going to share your message.
If your video is trying to advocate a business, a hard sales approach is generally less likely to draw on viewers emotions and encourage them to share your message. Today the most effective advertisement campaigns are those that are entertaining and make your audiences laugh.
Be sure to know your audience, what are their interests? Will this video make them feel better after watching it? Will it inspire a changed perspective? What need do they have that your video can satisfy?

The Damn Daniel trend is being used all over the internet. The craze has inspired copies and remixes of the video to emerge. The video has been so popular that Vans gave Daniel with a lifetime supply of their sneakers. White Vans are being offered on eBay for over $300k.