Get Google Ready: The Copy Collective can help

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Written By Maureen

From this week Google will downgrade search results on mobile devices if web sites are not mobile friendly. Half your audience is on mobile – so you can’t afford to ignore this change.

You’ve got a super smart SEO strategy but is your website mobile ready or better yet, mobile optimised? If not, get in touch and we can help. Don’t lose your page 1 ranking due to dense, non-scannable copy that isn’t reframed for the mobile screen.

How can you tell if your website is mobile ready (from a copy perspective)?

  1. The first 3 words of headlines are critical – if your 1st 3 words say “All you need…” (or similar) you’re not ready.
  2. Copy is scannable – can you “speed read” key messages? Can you see your strengths at a glance? No? You’re not ready.
  3. Does your content look and read great on mobile? Or are sentences cut off mid-point? You’re not ready.


  • Does the page resize for mobile?
  • Does it work as well on an iPad mini or similar as a full-sized tablet?
  • Do all your forms and links work on mobile?
  • Are all your buttons labelled?

Are there any widgets or modals embedded in your website that aren’t mobile friendly?

Wherever you find yourself, we can help. Get in touch today…

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