Curating your Digital Content

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Written By Samuel Laurie

Digital spaces are overflowing with content, in order to make your business stand out you need content that doesn’t get lost in the ever-growing vastness of cyberspace. We’ve put together four tips and tricks to help you curate the best content for your business.


A Personal Touch

Having your content as easily recognisable not only helps you stand out but makes your content feel as though it’s coming from a person rather than a business. Corporate brands have been using this technique as a cornerstone of their marketing for some time, engaging with your audience through memes rather than more traditional forms of advertising.


Aesthetic & Tone

The look and tone of your content is particularly relevant to platforms such as Instagram, where having a consistent look creates a more cohesive viewing experience, compared to the jarring experience of posting everything without thinking how the pieces all fit together. Think of how art galleries are arranged in styles, cubists are traditionally not put side by side with impressionists.

Of course, this applies to more text-based platforms as well, even being consistent in your usage of hashtags and emojis can help those consuming your content feel like they are looking at the work thoughtful and consistent poster, rather than that Facebook friend who shares every article they read.

Having a consistent tone and aesthetic also helps with the above-mentioned technique of encouraging people to think of you as a friend rather than a faceless corporation.


Short on time?

Coming up with those perfect posts takes time (and practise to know exactly what your audience wants to see on their timelines). If you’re a small organisation or short on resources sharing and engaging with content other people and businesses have created is a great way to be part of conversations about topics relevant to you and your audience; as well as interacting with potential new clients.


Trial and Error

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic number of posts, or times to post, or what content will get the most clicks. While there is research into what produces the best performance the platform and your audience will affect these things. If your audience is new parents then perhaps mid-morning or afternoon nap time is when you want to be posting. If you’re wanting to reach professions during the commute is when you might have most of your audience help captive on public transport wanting something interesting to scroll through. While recommendations of things like when the best time to post is can be a great starting point it’s always worthwhile doing some research of your own.


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