3 Easy Tips for Great Social Media this Christmas

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Written By Daniel Markos

Every year as Christmas rolls around again, one of the most important things for online marketing is making sure their social media posts are up to scratch. It’s already stressful enough worrying about family, friends, Christmas lunches, and everything else for the holiday season – so take some of the pressure away and check out our simple tips for your social media this year.

Every year, social media becomes even more important during major events and holidays. It’s a great time to sell yourself or your business to your followers and audience. But it’s already hard enough to manage at this time of year, so here are three easy tips to make sure that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Set up your house/office once and use it lots

Most social media users don’t have the time or resources to set up multiple extravagant scenes or locations for their social media. So, make sure that you spend the time using what you already have available. The Christmas decorations that you set up around the home or office are good enough for you and your family/staff so they’re good enough for your audience. People checking out your social media at this time of year will appreciate the effort you’ve put into decorating, so use that. Stores like Kmart, Big W, and supermarkets have such a huge range of great decorations now that you don’t have to blow the budget.

Check out this blog at Koch for some great advice on how to decorate your office for Christmas this year and use that to create some great-looking social media!

Use High-Quality Images and Written Content

When you’re creating social media for events, you are competing with EVERYBODY else on the internet. So, you need to make sure you stand out. The best way to do that is to make sure you are producing the highest quality images and content you possibly can. Your photos and writing need to look and sound perfect.

Christmas is such a bright, colourful, and extraordinary time of year that you can’t afford for your photos to look washed out, blurry, or grainy. Find someone who can give you top-quality photos for your content so that it looks perfect. And if you aren’t confident writing content yourself, outsource it – you only get one chance a year to sell to a Christmas audience so get it right.

Alternatively, Here are some fantastic tips for getting your photography right at Christmas if you are doing it yourself.

Make the most of current trends

Every year, holiday trends are always at the top of social media lists. They define and shape how our society looks that year. You need to ensure that any posts or content you create is somewhere within the realms of those trends so that your consumers know you are staying relevant.

But more importantly than that, you want to be able to make sure your social media both fits in with the rest of this year AND tries to take advantage by standing out and doing it better. This year, holiday trends have been leaning heavily towards lots of silver and warm tones along with multiple tree set-ups across the house and rooms. In what has been a very difficult year, people want to show more comfort and spread that cheer as far as possible.

This is a great article that goes in-depth on what this year’s trends are, why they are like that, and how best to achieve them.

Hopefully, you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, families stay safe and happy, and you have a well-deserved rest after a hard 2021. Happy holidays to all!

By Daniel Markos – Daniel is the manager for a full-time model and influencer and works in content planning and creation.