7 simple steps to a new website that delivers results

Thank goodness we don’t question having a website anymore!

Until a few years ago, we did.

Today, we hop online and hand over our query to Mr. Google and get thousands of search results. If you’re like me, skimming through the list and clicking on a few links gets you the store location, or the opening hours, or the products on special and what not.

Blog types and when to use them

There are many different types of blogs, each with their own personalities and uses. It’s important to use a variety of blog formats to keep your readers engaged, besides, writing in different styles is great for keeping those writing muscles fit!

How to create great social videos

As the new year brings in resolutions and new strategic plans, it’s important to have the skills and know-how to actually implement your ideas. Video has proven to be a great social media tool, but you can’t make a successful video without knowing a few things about how to make a good one.