The 10 Best Mobile Apps for Blogging in 2021

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Written By Natalie S

Just when you thought you couldn’t be any more dependent on your device, in come mobile apps for blogging.

With an arsenal of mobile apps for blogging, you can keep on top of your workload anytime and anywhere.

Here we show you our go-to apps and why you’ll love them.

Note: All apps below are either free or freemium (meaning you can get basic functions for free or can upgrade for a price).

Apps for blogging

  1. WordPress

WordPress powers 35% of websites on the internet – and it isn’t hard to see why.

This content management system (CMS) can do just about anything your blog needs.

As the name suggests, it’s one of the best platforms for blogging because it has been designed specifically with blogging in mind.

Do your blogging on the go with the WordPress mobile app.

WordPress app for iOS

WordPress app for Android

2. Wix

Move over WordPress, Wix is here to share the limelight.

While WordPress gives you a lot of control over your blog, Wix pares things back to basics.

Wix is the perfect choice if you’re new to blogging and websites. It’s super easy to use and can be less daunting than WordPress.

Wix app for Android

Wix app for iOS

3. YouTube Studio

If vlogging is your jam, the YouTube Studio app will make being a creator simple and convenient.

Use it to launch or manage your channel, create content and view analytics.

YouTube Studio app for iOS

YouTube Studio app for Android

4. Canva

In a culture driven by visual language, Canva will be your go-to for images and graphics.

Here, you can create graphics, get stock images, or edit on the fly.

Canva app for iOS

Canva app for Android

Apps for sharing posts

5. LinkedIn

What better way to sneak in your LinkedIn marketing than via mobile, while you’re in transit, sitting in a waiting room, or at the breakfast table.

We recently showed you how LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool. (In case you missed it, read 3 Clever Ways to Connect with Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn.)

LinkedIn app for iOS

LinkedIn app for Android

6. Mailchimp

This comprehensive email marketing platform is essential to any small business. It lets you create emails, schedule campaigns, manage contacts and more.

We love that Mailchimp is easy to use and integrates with so many other apps and platforms. Oh, and it has a mobile app, too.

Mailchimp app for iOS

Mailchimp app for Android

7. Sprout Social

Make social media management easy and efficient with Sprout Social.

It allows you to manage your social media across all platforms by scheduling and uploading posts and revealing analytic insights.

Sprout Social app for iOS

Sprout Social app for Android

Apps for blogging admin

8. Gmail

This tried-and-true platform has an equally well-tested mobile app.

The Gmail app has stood the test of time, with constant upgrades and improvements that keep it working smoothly.

You can depend on Gmail for your blogging correspondence needs.

9. Google Analytics

We’re big fans of Google Analytics. So much so that we recently created a useful guide to Google Ads and Analytics for beginners.

So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool to track and report on your website’s performance – and want 24/7 access via mobile – this tool’s for you.

Google Analytics app for iOS

Google Analytics app for Android

10. LastPass

As you can see, you’re going to need a suite of apps for your blogging needs.

Make your life easier by forgetting your passwords and letting LastPass remember them for you.

Conveniently, it enters your passwords into your apps with just a couple of taps. It’s also very secure.

You can use it on one device type (mobile) for free, or across various devices for a subscription.

LastPass app for iOS

LastPass app for Android