Rest in Print: Survival of the fittest

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From office printing to the rise of Managed Services, Rest in Print launches as an easy-to-read guide to help businesses reduce costs of their office printing. We speak to author Mitchell Filby, who draws on extensive industry experience as a global industry expert, keynote speaker and publisher to examine today’s office printing practices and current trends.

The office printing industry is under pressure.
Office printing volumes are in their greatest decline.
Quite simply, the office printing industry is facing its greatest challenge of the past twenty-five years. And the big question is, which brand or manufacturer will survive?

Rest in Print – A guide for survival

Author Mitchell Filby calls for a transformation of the office printing and document-imaging industry through his new book Rest in Print. The book will help companies reduce their costs and burden from office printing, and help the overall office printing industry adapt from the printed page to digital content.
“I want to help businesses save thousands of dollars simply by following a few simple industry best practices,” Mitchell said, “while at the same time discover insights of how the industry has and continues to engage with its customers.”
“Rest In Print provides unique insight into the challenges, and the opportunities available, as print volumes decline and the industry transitions into a services-led model, such as Managed Print Services (MPS).”

So what makes this book unique?

Rest in Print launches as the first ever book to delve into the past twenty-five years of the print industry and examine how businesses will fight to stay relevant despite customer, market and technological changes.
Mitchell Filby has seen firsthand what companies will do to survive, and what happens when they don’t, from his time working and consulting for companies like Oce, Kodak, Fuji Xerox and Canon.
The book will give readers:

  • A useful, easy-to-read guide to understanding today’s practices and current trends.
  • Five factors businesses need to know in order to understand Page per Print contract and take control of printing spend.
  • How to improve business appeal so that customers fight harder for their business.
  • Up-to-the-minute tips to help spot sharp sales practices that cost money.


Who will read it?

Rest in Print was written for decision makers across both corporate and government businesses that actively have to engage, manage and require an insight of the print, copier, and document-imaging marketplace.
However it is expected the largest target market will be the copier, print and document imaging industry including many of the related industries that connect into or are now integrated into the print/copier industry, such as toner & ink supplies businesses, the hardware and software financing industry, IT distributors and resellers and the vast array of printer/copier sales channels and dealerships around the world.

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Rest in Print launched last month and was edited by our expert team at Red Raven Books, The Copy Collective’s new publishing, and imprint service.
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About the author, Mitchell Filby

Mitchell is the founder and Managing Director of First Rock Consulting, Australia’s leading and most recognised independent Business Consultancy, IT Advisory and Media organisation. The business was specifically shaped and fashioned around supporting and servicing all the elements that interact and grow out of the office printing and document imaging industry in Australia.
Mitchell is also a media journalist, active industry blogger and a keynote speaker at numerous global managed print services conferences around the world.
Mitchell’s passion is to transform the office printing and document imaging industry but at the same time keep it accountable for its actions. His vision and goal is to help big business manage and bridge existing paper-based output content to a more effective and efficient digital content format.

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