What Does Software Testing and Customer Satisfaction Have in Common?

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Michael Hamilton converts his finance and telecommunications experience into the launch of his first book IT Should Just Work – Customer Satisfaction and the value of Software Testing. Here we unpack his passion for working with businesses to deliver working outcomes for a positive customer experience.

Ever been in a position when you can’t access your internet banking for an entire 24 hour period?
Upon checking into your airline flight you find out the booking system has crashed with no notice of when the system will be operational again?

It should just work, right? The reach of Information Technology (IT) now impacts every facet of business.
That’s why software testing and quality control procedures exist in today’s world to avoid these types of catastrophic events.

Software testing and customer satisfaction – what do they have in common?

Michael Hamilton, an IT Software Testing professional, has witnessed the dramatic transformation of the IT industry during the past 11 years and he has worked with local and international software vendors for clients such as Telstra, Optus, & NAB.
He knows that customers just want the software to work the first time and operate as expected, every time.

IT should just work – Customer Satisfaction & the value of Software Testing

That’s why he wrote IT should just work – Customer Satisfaction & the value of Software Testing edited by Red Raven Books, The Copy Collective’s new publishing and imprint service.
“I wanted to educate both technical and non-technical executives, business owners, and IT Managers on the benefits of employing an integrated software testing and customer focused strategy,” said Michael.
“The book motivates the reader to implement software testing practices not only within their IT strategy but in their day to day business practices as well.”

So what makes this book unique?

This is the only book you’ll read that sets out the impact of software testing and how it affects your brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.
And a few more reasons:

  • It’s a practical guide to implement software testing into your IT strategy
  • It cuts through the tech jargon with business friendly language and no assumed knowledge required
  • Learn from relevant examples from customer centric organisations and the key business decision makers employing an IT strategy
  • You can self-assess your business with a health check of your current IT practices

Who will read it?

  • All organisations whose core business is customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Companies’ currently employing software testing in their IT strategy and wanting to improve their results
  • Companies’ not employing software testing at all. This book demonstrates the correlation of how below standard software performance has a direct impact on customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

Get your copy in July
IT Should Just Work – Customer Satisfaction and the value of Software Testingis a step-by-step guide for organisations where the customer is the central part of their business.
“I have shared my personal experience, knowledge and industry interactions which define the difference between success and failure for any customer-focused organisations,” Michael said.
“If you are serious about driving your business to the next level or establishing a new business take this step with me. It is a journey that will benefit you and especially your customers.”
The launch date will be announced on Michael Hamilton’s LinkedIn Profile.
About the author, Michael Hamilton
Michael Hamilton is an IT Software Testing professional with first-hand experience and knowledge from working with a variety of strategic corporate projects during the past 11 years in finance and telecommunications.
Michael has the ability to turn complex problems into conceptual & simple strategies to ensure your next project is a successful one. Michael simply ensures your IT systems deliver a consistent outcome, customer satisfaction, upholds employee morale, supports customer loyalty and most importantly achieve profit through innovation.
June is Author’s Month to celebrate the launch of Red Raven Books. Red Raven Books is the publishing and imprint arm of The Copy Collective. Find out how we can help you today.