13 ways to tell if you’re really an entrepreneur

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Written By Maureen

A little whimsy from the inimitable Dominique Antarakis

  1. It’s not unusual for you to be working at 4am, midnight, and all hours in between – but you reserve the right to take most of Tuesday off to catch a movie or go to the beach.
  2. You love going to industry conferences to network but spend half the time in your hotel room ‘catching up on work’.
  3. It’s not ‘work’ if it’s checking email.
  4. You love the idea of ‘productivity hacks’ but with 2 FTE employees and 6 interns to supervise, you don’t have time to try out every app on the market.
  5. You have every app on the market. You’ve logged in to them all but only use 3 consistently.
  6. You’re really into personal branding, but don’t have time to actually produce any content.
  7. You’ve looked into outsourcing your content, but can’t believe how much writers expect to be paid – it can’t be that hard, surely?
  8. You’re keen to be a ‘thought leader’, but don’t have time to walk the dog, let alone think about anything other than the task in front of you.
  9. Clients are just distractions from the really fun bit – trying out new apps and attending Marketo webinars.
  10. Leftover birthday cake and a glass of wine is an entirely acceptable dinner substitute. In fact, sometimes it’s highly preferable to the alternative – going home and cooking dinner.
  11. You’re addicted to online shopping – it saves you so much time! It also takes up a whole lot of time when you probably should be working.
  12. You love the idea of a co-working space but frankly, if you wanted to hang out with 14-year-olds in start-up mode you’d work from home.
  13. You like being at the office after hours because you can finally get some work done.