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This is the Best Software for Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are a key part of non-profit life. Measuring the impact of projects is vital. It allows us to confront our assumptions, see where we can improve, and prove that what we’re doing adds value.
Poor M&E is as bad as no M&E at all. If you’re struggling with implementation of an effective process or are looking at things you can improve, there’s software that can help. But what do you need? And where do you start?

How to break up with your agency

I know we live in an age where it’s considered totally fine to break up with someone via text message – or just not contact them at all, until they finally ‘get it’ – but you would hope that the end of a professional relationship would be handled a little differently.

3 Unexpected Things Business Can Learn From Australia Day

In my family, Australia Day has always meant my sister’s birthday. Not once in 48 years can I remember doing anything vaguely patriotic on the day itself – in fact, my key memory from when we were young is my mother frantically trying to buy out-of-season strawberries for my sister’s birthday cake (not so easy in the 70s). But with the government threatening local councils who dare to move citizenship ceremonies and an increasingly loud call for a change of date, I was prompted to think about what, if anything, business can learn from Australia Day and its myriad meanings.

Top 10 tech picks to make small businesses soar

According to a recent MBIE report, 97 per cent of enterprises in Aotearoa (New Zealand) have fewer than 20 employees. Some 70 per cent have no employees at all! The other amazing statistic is how young and dynamic you are. One third, 33 per cent, of companies with 1-19 employees have existed for five years or fewer. Five years ago, Uber wasn’t even here yet. Being young and dynamic means that you are able to pivot and take advantage of the latest technology. We’ve trawled through the internet and have gathered a few that may make your day a bit easier.