man reading newspaper to illustrate post on copywriting

Copywriting covets these 6 ½ journalism skills

Copywriting – it’s easy to see it as the fluffy combination of advertising and journalism, and a copywriter as a dilettante, dabbling in both arts and excelling in neither. But that’s an unfair assessment.

So you’ve been asked to write a product description

If you’ve shopped online you’ll have been frustrated by poor product descriptions. But product descriptions don’t have to be hard to write – it’s about knowing your buyer, providing lots of detail and appealing to their senses.

Remaining Relevant in Changing Markets

Ooohhh! Changing markets

I’m not sure why people talk about ‘changing markets’ as a new bogeyman that writers have to conquer. Sure, SEO is new in the last 20 years, and maybe our writing takes different shapes for different purposes – blogs, emails, web blurbs or ghost writing insta-fabulous  captions for people better looking than ourselves. But that has always been the case and is the nature of our work. We can be writing for a magazine one day and a hardware catalogue the next, with three hours in between on our unfinished novel.