Person with laptop making notes in notebook for tax season

Tax Tips For Budding Copywriters

Back in our parents’ day, working two jobs meant an around-the-clock commitment. These days, it’s become a lot easier to juggle multiple engagements. You can have a day job in

Person on laptop with written-in notebook and cup of tea

Tips from a Freelance Parent

Balancing work with the demands of a young family – it’s the Holy Grail of modern parenthood. For a lot of people, me included, the answer seems to be freelancing.

TED2015 presentation with full audience

Top 10 TED Talks from TED2015

We have the technology for humans to colonise Mars. It’s possible to recreate an entire conversation using the data gleaned from the movement of a nearby chip packet. And Monica

Overlooking New Zeland lake tekapo and little stone church

New Zealand office open now

New Zealand office opens for The Copy Collective – a vibrant team of skilful copywriters commits to further New Zealand growth, writing copy that counts. The Copy Collective is delighted

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Prepare Your Donor Garden for Spring

7 steps to a beautiful (donor) garden all year round 1. Clean up garden beds (donor database) • Remove out-of-date contact info • Make sure all donor info is accurate

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3 reasons saying “Thank you” is more than just good manners

Donor care. Supporter relationship maintenance. Donor stewardship. Donor acknowledgement. They’re all long-winded phrases representing the same thing: Gratitude. But sometimes we just don’t express it enough – either in direct

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Create accessible Word documents & improve SEO!

How to create awesome accessible Word documents It should be no surprise that Microsoft Word remains the most widely used document creation platform. The good news is since 2010 the

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Six easy steps for your Annual Report

You could be forgiven for thinking: “Surely it’s not that time of year again?! ” [Tweet “Annual reporting time seems to roll around faster each year.”] If writing the Annual

Runners in a fun run

Sometimes, it pays to give

Andrea O’Driscoll on how there’s more to giving than just money We finally moved to a bigger house last month – one where all three children don’t have to be